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so cute

so cute
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Monday, September 9, 2013


Okay, so I think that my precious Queenie has made it her accidental mission in life to make me have a heart attack. You already have heard of her exploits of the "outside". Now, you shall hear of her exploits in the animal HOSPITAL.

So, I own this tiny t.v. that's about 30 to 40 pounds heavy and it sits about two feet from the ground on a shelf. And unfortunately, to Sapphire, all surfaces are her domain. She doesn't care how high or low it is, she will find a way to climb on top of it and settle her big butt on it. And this is what she did at exactly four a.m. in the morning last Tuesday. I was sleeping as soundly as I could when I was awoken by the sound of my t.v. tipping over and hitting the floor.

Suddenly shocked awake, my heart pounding, my eyes found the source of my interrupted sleep. Sapphire jumped up on my bedside table as I picked the t.v. up and promptly went back to sleep. Unbeknownst to me, Sapphire may not have cried out or yowled, but as she had done damage to the t.v. so had the t.v. done damage to her. And when I woke up later and went to greet her good morning with some petting, I was again sent into an adrenaline fueled shock as blood came away on my fingers.

On closer inspection, I found that poor Sapphy's tail had a two inch split in it and was bleeding profusely. I immediately forgot breakfast and packed her into her kitty taxi. Thankfully I has a reliable form a transportation, for which I shall blog about later because it's a big one and you all should hear about it. 

SO! I took her to her usual vet but at this time I am so broke it's not even funny and my vet tells me that my baby needs sutures and that to do the work, the cost would be around 250 dollars. At most, I had 90. So I needed to borrow 60 in order to pay a down of 150 that would allow my vet to do the work and I would pay her the rest at a later date. I wasn't sure at this time of where I could acquire the needed dough, so my vet suggested I take my baby to the humane society of lollipop farm.

So I take her there and discover that they would do the work on her for free... if I SURRENDER her over to them and forfeit my right to adopt her back after the work is done. YEAH. RIGHT. If I could do one thing to express the gut reaction to that suggestion that I experienced at that time, I think I would have punched that nurse in the diaphragm. I exited the building and determined that I would never go back there again. 

It was then that I sat in the parking lot and called my grandpa. My grandpa is an amazing person and I knew he would help me if he could. Right then he was actually down the street at the CVS so I drove and met him there. And it was a good thing that this wasn't a real emergency because grandpa couldn't help me this time. He felt really bad but I understand that times are hard right now. So, I called my dad.

After explaining what happened up until then, he told me to come on over and he would give me the 60 dollars I needed to take her back to my usual vet. I drove to his house and sat down for a tired moment with him. My dad is pretty awesome to be there for me and Sapphy. I'm so grateful to him for helping me out because he loaned me the money and gave me food (berry poptarts yum) and called the local Phelps Vet, who turned out to do everything that needed to be done for just 150.

So Sapphy got her sutures and antibiotics and is now home with a cone around her head. I don't even want to get into the ordeal at the vet's. For one: I slept in the parking lot until the vet was supposed to call me and tell me she was done. However, when six p.m. rolled around and they started locking their doors, I began to wonder. So I go up to a nurse at her car and tell her how I was told that my cat wouldn't need to stay overnight and she brings me inside to pay and gather my baby. 

At this point, the only thing I've eaten is two poptarts, I haven't been to the bathroom, and I've been waiting for three hours in a parking lot. SO I pack my baby in and head home, finally. And now she is sleeping and being all cute again. 

She runs into things with the cone and makes a mess of her food. It's funny to watch. Lol. Hopefully, she won't be causing me to have any more heart attacks for a while. Until then, she gets the sutures removed on the 13th and then she can say good bye to the cone. For now...


  1. OH MY.... I dont know whether to feel bad for the chunk, or giggle at how she looks with a cone around her head. So, I guess i'll do both. I too understand that moment of panic when you realize you dont have the money to heal your babe. :(

  2. Lol. You have my permission to giggle. I do all the time. Aww... when did your baby need help? Hopefully not for doing something so silly as having a t.v. fall on his tail.

    1. lol yay!and Ahh no, he had an abscess on his chin. It got super fat and he started to swipe at people because he was in pain. Then one day he jumped on my lap and i went to go itch his chi, but i know my baby, his chin isnt fat. So i grabbed him and ran downstairs, ten minutes later we are driving into the vets. I used all the money i had to make him better! lol so no, no t.v. this time.

  3. Awwwww... poor baby! Sapphy got her sutures our today. She's celebrating by taking a long bath right next to my laptop- yay for hair on my keyboard. She almost fell off the bed this morning lol. I'm so happy she is all better. I'm happy your baby is better too! Hey, I don't know if you'll be around Rochester next weekend but I'm planning to go to RocCon at the Rochester Armory. We could meet up and hang out. :)

    1. Next weekend? I dont think I am. But you never know. And YAY for Saph! and hair is so much better than a full cat, which is what GBear does if i dont pay attention to him. lol