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so cute

so cute
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Monday, September 9, 2013



Brought to you by PinkyParadise!!!
SO, I'm planning to cosplay at the upcoming RocCon in Rochester. And I wanted something that would give me a little something different from the usual cosplayers I've seen around here. Not that I haven't seen awesome ones, there were some amazing ones! That's the point though. I wanted something to make me stand out a little more as a hard-core cosplayer. Thus, circle lenses.

I did a LOT of research and decided that although I never was one who liked it when people would stick things in their eyes, I could get over it. So I watched lots of people sticking interesting contacts in their eyes and got over the initial squeamishness of it. And because many reviews and people swore to the website of PinkyParadise, I perused the options. And may I just say, it was worth it.

I purchased a pair of dark green circle lenses by Geo for around twenty bucks and PinkyParadise sent them with a cute contacts holder in the shape of green piggies. SO CUTE! I also purchased from them Rohto Z eyedrops and, from Walmart, contact solution. And then I tried them.

Ignore the way my neck looks. My mom saw this photo and she thought I looked like a starved child from Africa. Lol, really it was just the way I held the camera. REALLY. So nobody panic! I am not that skinny! Oh, I just realized this is that first time you readers will be seeing a picture of me... like, up close. Well, this is meeeee.... except the eyes. Those aren't mine.

Circle lenses are created to purposefully cause your eyes to appear larger and doll-like. They are all created to have a larger diameter than normal eyes, so the edges of the contacts actually go our farther than the borders of your irises. The middles have a clear hole in them so that you can see normally through them. I started out at 14.8 mm diameter, although they range from 14.5 mm to 15 mm (and rumors say larger). 

It took me a good 30 minutes to get one in the first time. Now I've got it so at most it take me 15. The second one seems to always go in easier for some reason. And taking them out is super easy. 

If anyone is thinking of getting some, I can say they are really cool. But ALWAYS make sure to do research and learn all about the eye care and contacts care involved. You don't want to risk losing your eyes, you only have one pair of those. Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling the contacts, soak them in the solution for at least six hours before the first use, make sure they're not inside out or have any foreign particles before insertion, DON'T apply make-up until AFTER they are in, on't wear them for more than 8 hours at a time, aaaannnnnd I can't think of anything else right now. But if you have any questions, do some research or ask me in the comments. I learned a lot just from tutorials on Youtube.

I can't wait to wear them with my cosplay! I'm going in a Japanese Lolita dress from another awesome website called Milano. Lots of bows and lots of cuteness. It's black and white and gray, but it's not gothic-lolita. It's actually sweet-lolita style and it's styled like a maid uniform. It has cute little teapots and spoons on it! I'm hoping the contacts will kick up the whole doll-like effect more. And stay tuned for the hair style I'm going to go with! I'll supply lots of pictures when the event is over.

And if any of you are coming to RocCon, maybe you'll see me!

Read me in my next post!

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