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so cute

so cute
This is another drawing I've done with the new pen. I worked all day on it! Phew! I hope it gets a good response.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Number SIX! A CAR.

This post isn't going to be really long because there's not much to it except that I've reached a mile stone in my life that everyone reaches eventually. I have purchased my first car. It's a Nissan and it's light blue. I bought it outright so I own it now. So far, so good.

She has some issues already because she's a bit of an older car, but it's nothing I didn't anticipate. Yes, it's a she. Her name is Trouble, which some don't think is wise to call her. But I figure if I get used to her being Trouble, then when something comes up that really is a lot of trouble, I'll already be used to it and it won't be that much of a shock.

This was the reliable form of transportation that got my baby to the hospital. It is also the source of my being broke. Lol. But I think it's worth it.

Read me in my next post!!!

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