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so cute

so cute
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Friday, August 23, 2013

NUMBER 4! *GULP* Make-up.....

Okay, so you know Scout Finch, from To Kill A Mockingbird? How she's like the poster child for tomboys? Well, when I was little, that was me. Without the whole investigation/ racism undertones. If I didn't have dirt under my nails and burrs in my hair, it wasn't a normal day. If I didn't have some sort of pet bug or rock collection, it wasn't a normal day. If I wasn't outside exploring the woods and crossing the creek to terrorize the neighbors, it was not a normal day. 

Now, at this same time that I was feral child, my sisters were discovering make-up. They were cheerleaders, skirt-wearers, boy dreamers. They relished every opportunity to capture and try cosmetics on me. And thus my history of torture began with mascara eye-pokes and pulled hair curls. And ever since I've ran from offers for make-overs, ignored "girly" stores, and even hated shopping. I even used their make-up in a prank against them once. It involved sparkly gel and a pillow and it went beautifully in my ten year old mind.

But recently, I've noticed this strange urge. It's there, underneath the girl who seemed okay with and was often happy with the image of herself without make-up. I am confident enough in myself to say that I like the way I look without make-up. I am confident enough to say that make-up is not a "NEED" for me. However, I must say: it's fun.

Make-up is fun. There's the truth of it. It alters your look, it adds to your look, it highlights and let's you explore your look. And because I have an artistic side to me, putting on make-up is like drawing or painting. Everyday I put on make-up is like wearing a masterpiece on my face (when I don't mess up). 
And it's fun watching all the amazing tutorials of how to do certain things with your eyes or face to find out what works for you. Because THAT is the key. In middle school, I knew a girl who wore a LOT of make-up. And it was all blue. And she looked like a sad blue clown with red, red cheeks. PLEASE GIRLS! FIND OUT WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! IT'S EASIER THAN YOU THINK! When I started wanting to get make-up, I went to Sephora and asked the very nice girl working there to pick out a few things that would match my skin-tone and look good on me. I also asked her to teach me how to apply the products. It was easy and fun and the girl was happy to help.

Now, you don't have to go Sephora. It's more expensive than most stores. I just happened to go there on a whim. But you can go pretty much anywhere that has a make-up counter with beauty consultants. They know what they are doing there. Like me, though, you may have to get over some inbred fears of products going near your eye.

In the future, I may post some tutorials for make-up that I found works for a lot of people. I'll post them with pictures of before, in-between, and after photos of the area being enhanced. Maybe you'll be inspired, like me, to try some of these things. So all you tomboys out there, don't forget you're allowed to be a girly-girl sometimes. Even if Scout was a cutie.

And remember: you don't NEED make-up to be beautiful. But it sure is fun to play with.

Read me in my next post!!!!

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