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so cute

so cute
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Friday, August 23, 2013

NUMBER THREE! Warning: this may seem trivial, but girls all over the world will understand.


Shorts have been around for men since the late 14th century, originally created within the British military as a way to keep cool in hotter climates. Women cyclists had worn them since the 1890's, but shorts only crossed over to women as a fashion when, in a bold and jaw-dropping move, 1932 tennis star Alice Marble wore them during a match. Since then, famously known gals such as Betty Grable and Audrey Hepburn, shortened and brought respectable style to the name of shorts. And the rest is history.

Shorts only came to me in the month of August, 2013.

Okay, girls. Now is the time to come clean. I know for a fact I'm not the only one to stress about how my legs and especially thighs would look in shorts. And nowadays it is especially difficult because girls tend to think that as long as we don't see ALL of their hoo-haa, it's appropriate to wear. I'm sorry, but if I'm not employed as a gynecologist, I don't want to see your lady parts. And the certain girls that just SHOULD NOT WEAR ANYTHING THAT GOES UP THAT HIGH just don't help to convince me that shorts are something good to wear.

I mean, look at Audrey Hepburn. She wore those with class. She closed any argument that sexist men tried to even breathe about shorts at that time. Not to mention, she taught us all that you can still look good and feel good without having to bear all of your unmentionables to the whole world.

But I get it, we are not all Audrey Hepburn. We don't all have amazing legs and thighs like her. Which brings me back around to my issue; and probably a lot of women's issues. I think there are clothing that can highlight your good parts and bad parts, you just have to find the right ones for you. And in the past, when I would wear shorts, I would inevitably discover too late that the shorts just did not look good on me. So, my confidence in them shattered, I stopped wearing shorts all together for many years.

But, like my previous posts brought out, I have been trying new things lately. And I decided to finally face the music the other day. While shopping with my friends for school, I decided to try on a few pairs of shorts. And, delighted by the way they made me look and feel, I bought them.

Now, like I said above, certain girls feel they have to bare-all-to-get-all. Or maybe they just like the way they feel when they get attention for the lack of cloth they have around their bodies. I don't feel that way. Let's return to a time when women were approached by men. When women had the power, so to speak. When men weren't cowards who played games with the woman they were interested in. When they just came out and said if they liked you and asked you if you'd like to go to dinner. A time when things were done with class and respect. THAT was a time when women were confident and self-sufficient and didn't rely on a man to take care of everything. When you could walk around without being looked at like an object by men.

I'm not a feminist. I just believe that girls should wake up. That they should realize that, despite what men try to tell them, they have the power. They are beautiful. And they don't have to stoop to low levels to get a man or feel good about themselves. Like I said earlier, you just have to find what looks good on you.

And don't be afraid to uphold your values. I live by the fingertip rule. If when you put your arms to your sides, your fingertips touch skin, it's too short. If they touch cloth, you're good to go. And don't think that because of this rule you have to sacrifice cuteness or hotness factor because I promise you, I found some good looking pairs of shorts that are really stylish. 

So there it is. I've ranted long enough. And now I have some cute shorts to wear so I don't have to suffer out in the heat and so I can mix up my look. So have fun with it! I know I did. 

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