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so cute

so cute
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meganekko: "Glasses-Wearing Girl"

Normally when people ask me if there is any new development in my life I can often say: "Nah. Nothing new since the last time I spoke to you." So, let me just pretend that you all just asked me "Anything new?" Because now I have something genuinely new happening in my life.


I didn't really think that I'd ever need glasses. My sister Sam had got glasses when she was young and has been rocking them ever since. My mom has reading glasses and I think my other sister has them too. I'd jokingly try on my friends' pairs and ask if they fit me, receiving mixed responses. So, I'm semi- familiar with glasses.

Not to mention the obvious glasses following in the otaku world. I'm definitely familiar with that... Anyway. The term for the boy is Megane and as you've probably realized, Meganekko is the term for a girl wearing glasses in manga/anime. 

So here I go. But I guess I'm only going to be a part-time Meganekko. My sight is fine when it comes to things close to me; like in the same room. It's when I'm driving that I'll need them the most. So, yeah, at least my fifty year old friend won't have better far distance sight than me now. (It's true. We compared.) 

SO! For all you readers out there rocking the Megane or Meganekko look: own it! I am joining your ranks. Make me proud, fellow glasses wearers! Leave a comment!


  1. Welcome to the club although sometimes I wear my contacts

  2. Yaaay! I knew there was a club! I don't know if I'd be able to handle contacts... I don't like sticking things in my eyes. But I don't need the glasses all the time, so I wouldn't want contacts anyway. Lol