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so cute

so cute
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Wednesday, July 31, 2013



I know I haven't posted for a VERY long time. For this, I apologize. (Although, sometimes I wonder if anyone even looks at my blog anymore...) But I've been busy and have been doing a lot of research and I believe that I should attempt a REVAMP! My blog needs a direction.

SOoooo.... any ideas? Lol.

Lately in my life I've had my attention drawn to something I've been doing without realizing it. I think that this is a good direction to lead my blog into. So I reveal to you all now the thing that my blog shall focus on: ALL THE NEW THINGS I'VE BEEN TRYING!!!!

The other day my friend told me that lately I'd been working on something. Curious, I asked him what it was. He responded that I'd been trying a lot of new things lately and proceeded to name off a few of those things.

Now you have to understand: I am an inside, reading a book, lazy person by nature. So when he brought to my attention that my personality itself was experiencing a change, I was pleasantly shocked. They say a person can never change. I disagree. And many psychology experts agree as well. I will not make excuses, saying: "Well, that's just who I am!" because I would rather take pride in being able to adapt and mold myself into a good person.

Anyway, that was a bit of a rant. I'm just tired of people making excuses. But again, anyway! I had been trying new things that the "old" me would have never even been motivated to do. Things that now make me proud and confident in myself to say that I've accomplished. And who doesn't want to feel good about themselves?

So I'm going to write about these things. A lot of them I can attach pictures to, so I'm excited. And maybe, just maybe, these posts will inspire someone else to take the steps they've been wanting to take to change and do something outside their comfort zone! It's kind of like growing up, but in a fun way. Lol. You'll see why I said that in some of the next posts... 

Thank you if you have been patiently waiting for another post! Sorry it's taken me this long to give you another. Hopefully, if this works the way I want it to, I'll be posting more often!

Read me in my next post!

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