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so cute

so cute
This is another drawing I've done with the new pen. I worked all day on it! Phew! I hope it gets a good response.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello! Been a while!

Hello again! I know it's been a while since I last posted. The reason for that is good and bad. The good is that the weather is changing and spring is gently coaxing winter into slumber. I love spring. It's my favorite season of all four. Spring is renewal, revival, and life as we can see, smell, touch, hear, and taste. The birds begin to sing again and the deadened brown limbs of the earth spread forth with vibrant green leaves. And those if you who know me know that green is my favorite color. What other color personifies Spring so well? And so, that is the good half of the reason that I have been absent for some time.

However, with the good comes the bad. And with the changing weather comes the roller coaster of temperatures that causes the human body to yo-yo between healthy and unhealthy in an attempt to compensate. And my particular human body decided to lean more towards the unhealthy for the majority of the time. I have been sick for the past week.

I HATE BEING SICK. And anyone who knows me realizes exactly why. You see, I LOVE SLEEP. Sleep and I? We are closer than fur on a cat. We are tighter than a rubber band ball. We are... well, I can't come up with any more. But sleep and I really are the best of buds. I put in the time and sleep puts in the amazing dreams that give me the inspiration for stories, drawings, etc. I purchase the pillows and sleep does the rest. And so, when something comes between sleep and I, it's like keeping a bear from hibernating and then hiding it's honey and THEN giving the bear a headache the size of Russia. I. Am. Not. A. Happy. Bear.

When I'm sick, it's like my body is determined to "go all or go home". To put it simply: I'm miserable. Can't breathe, can't think, and worst of all: CAN'T SLEEP. 

It's like this (below) is what that stupid cold did to my precious sleep.

I get so frustrated when I can't sleep that I want to cry. T.T  So now you know. And now we can move on. I'm all better! Sleep and I are together again and I was rewarded with a flying dream. My heart leaps with relief that we are yet again inseparable. 

Now we are all happy.

OKAY! Moving on! I hope you are all having a wonderful start to Spring! Fight off those colds! Cuddle your cats! And give sleep some love.


  1. that cat is s cute ... hope you feel better

  2. Yeah. I have to disclaimer: that cat is not mine nor is the photo, but that is a very cute cat! Thanks, I am feeling much better lately. I think I've gotten over the worst. Now I'm just sneezing, but I think that might just be my allergies kicking up. I love cats more than any other animal, although I am a dog lover. My service day is not complete without me being able to pet a cat.