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so cute

so cute
This is another drawing I've done with the new pen. I worked all day on it! Phew! I hope it gets a good response.

Monday, December 31, 2012


WHAT UP?!  So I've decided that it looks like this blog is actually semi successful and that I'm going to keep it up as long as I can. I have three followers! EEEEE! I know that seems like nothing to all you seasoned veterans of the inter-world, but it means something to me! SO THERE.

So. It has come to my attention that some people have been wondering about my title (they expect the whole website to center around the Queen... I mean, come on. The WORLD already revolves around her.) And that it doesn't seem to fit my page because I don't post many things about my cat. THUS! I shall give you all an OVERLOAD of cats!

As it happens, I live with a family of SIX cats. (And a stray, if you count that one even though he doesn't live here.) And I shall introduce you to them all! You have met one already, of course, but she demands I give her a proper introduction. The other stipulation she gave me was that it should outshine all the others but, I promised her nothing.... okay, I promised her a little.

THIS is Mama. A.K.A. Candy. But I personally don't like that name when it's spelled that way so I just call her Mama. She is the oldest cat on the earth. Her nickname is The Ancient Of Days. She also has a habit of scaring the crap out of me by jumping up into my window when she's outside. She's a cool cat though and likes her belly to be rubbed.

THIS is Sweetie. She normally looks much cuter, but she wasn't doing her normal "look at me, I'm unnaturally cute and pudgy" look. When this little darling was added to the fam, the fam was not aware that she was A SHE. Her name was originally Thunder. Thus I like to call her ThunderSweets. She looks like she's wearing lipstick. MWAH!

This is Sweetie's brother, BIGBOY. Although, lately he's been on Jenny Craig so he doesn't quite fulfill the BIG part. He would not look at the camera!!!!!! AGH! The frustrations of a photographer. Like his sister, Bigboy looks like he has lipstick on, but for his sake, we call it a mustache. The only difference between the two is their sizes and the fact that Bigboy has a white spot between his eyes.

This is Baby Girl. She is literally afraid of everything. She would run from a leaf. But she's so darn cute! I call her carpet cat because her fur reminds me of carpet. Her most favorite thing to do is to cuddle. The problem is, when this cat cuddles, she HAS to be directly on your lap! She can't be next to you or on one leg, no. She MUST be dead center on your lap or she'll leave you.

THIS! THIS is Tipper. His name is actually Tippy(?) but we call him all sorts of mutations of his name. Tipper, Tipper-two, Tips, Weirdo; they all work. I must say something about this cat: HE IS BIG. And not big in a fat way, no no. HE IS ALL MUSCLE! I swear this cat could be a bodybuilder; he is solid! And I think from what I heard about his birth, his mother(which turns out to be Sweetie) knew he'd be a freak of nature. The fam tells me that when he was born, Sweetie tried to eat him. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, THE QUEEN!!!!! (I'd include Zoey, the stray, but I can't get a picture of him; it's cold and I don't want to go outside to track him down.) AND SO! WITHOUT FURTHER ADO! THE ONE YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!!! Sapphire enjoys long walks with her nails fully extended on people's laps and a nice bowl full of milk. She has no neck to speak of and a shorter than normal tail, but that doesn't stop her from being the prettiest cat in all the land. Her most stunning features are her green eyes that bore into your soul. Don't let this one catch you asleep >nervous laughter<.

And now to make good on my promise: A picture to outshine all the others!

Thankyou for humoring me for this long. I hope for your continued patronage! Now I can get to drawing!!!!


  1. ~Gosh! You sure have many cats! ^^ And they`re all so cute!!!

  2. Heehee! Actually, only one belongs to me (the Queen). The rest belong to the family I live with right now. Lol. They also have a new puppy. I haven't decided yet whether to do a post with her in it... it might insult the Queen.