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so cute

so cute
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Friday, November 30, 2012

The Driving Test

I am soooooo happy! I was so nervous and excited, but yesterday I finally faced........ THE DRIVING TEST. Okay, so some of you may be thinking "what's the big deal?" and those who know me know that I've been practicing a lot and are thinking "she has nothing to worry about". But let me explain something about myself: I WAS BORN BLONDE. Only later in life did my hair turn the color it is now naturally. So, when the man who would decide my fate settled into the seat next to me and asked for me to leave the curb, imagine my sheer terror when I pressed on the gas and we DIDN'T GO ANYWHERE. 

On the outside I appeared cool as a cucumber. On the inside, my brain was crazed and panicking: "WHY AREN'T WE MOVING?!" It was then that I realized I was STILL IN PARK. I thought it was over before it had begun. And as I finally pulled away from the curb, I thought: "I'm doomed."

Yet, despite my epic fail, I PASSED! For all of you now thinking "who would pass this girl?", TALK TO THE LICENSE! YAAAAAAAAAAY!


  1. Totally know how you felt I was really nervous too except I remembered to put the car in drive :)

  2. LOL! It was ridiculous! I still can't stop laughing about it! I'm just so glad it's over! I went on my first expedition by myself yesterday :)

  3. ~i`m gonna take my driving test this month and i`ve only practiced once ._. Got any tips?

  4. Welllll, other than practice, practice, practice- don't forget to look over your shoulder when changing lanes and doing a K turn. And the important thing about parallel parking is the mechanics; I did horrible on my parallel park but my test instructor said it was fine because I had the movements down. If you can, I highly recommend taking driving lessons. I learned some great things from the instructor at Success School of Driving.

    And I want to thankyou so much for becoming my third official follower!!!! THANKYOU THANKYOU! I hope you'll continue to enjoy this blog ><