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so cute

so cute
This is another drawing I've done with the new pen. I worked all day on it! Phew! I hope it gets a good response.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tora-Con! The Final Update

Hello! Tora-Con is now behind us and I've come to post the fun and merriments! The first day was sooo busy; lines to the artist alleys and vendors were, for lack of a better word, LOOOOOONG! But so worth it. So VERY worth it. 

I bought so many cool pictures! The artists are just so good! They give me something to aspire to. My favorite poster is one with Supergirl on it, flying in space, with the earth far below her in the backround. I love waking up to that poster. Most of the pictures I bought have a similar theme to them: strong women. When I look at them, I'm inspired to try to do better each day; to try and be a strong woman like Supergirl, or CatWoman, or Yoruichi from Bleach.

And now, for the pictures you all have been waiting for. The cosplay pictures! So many people had cool outfits. And thankyou, to my dear friend for sending me all the pictures she took! My silly phone won't let me take pictures!! 

All amazing! Can you guess which one I am? And if someone says Sailor Moon, I'm gonna cyber-smack them. 

My favorite part of the whole Convention was meeting Mike McFarland. He voices such well-known characters as Master Roshi and, my personal favorite, Lt. Jean Havoc. He's a hilarious guy and we all got to shake hands with him after a question and answer panel. When I asked him where the voice for Ritsu Sohma came from, he responded: "A soft-spoken, quiet place that screams!" 

My other favorite part was the 'Name That Anime Image' panel. It was so energetic and fun. I was so bad at it, though! I always prided myself on how much anime and manga I though I knew. But after that one panel, I must admit, I feel completely and utterly inadequate. Lesson taken away from the panel? I must watch more anime. I think that if I don't sleep for the next few months I can catch up.

Most awesome thing I bought? A Durarara! wall scroll and the complete collection of E'S Otherwise. Creepiest cosplay there? A weeping angel from Doctor Who that had it's sights set on me. Seriously scary. I tried my best not to look away or blink! I finally hid behind my friend and the angel stopped. EEK! Cutest thing I bought? A round, yellow kitty plushie that I named Shizuo. Lol.

Well, I shall close this post for now. IF ANY OF YOU WERE THERE, PLEASE TELL ME! Let me know what fun you had and if you cosplayed! Thanks!!! 


  1. Looks so awesome wish I could have seen the weeping angel (I love doctor who)
    Is Nate dressed as matt smith if so totally cool

  2. Yes, yes indeed he is The Doctor. Lol. There were soooo many Doctors there! Nate was bummed he didn't get asked for more pictures because of that. And NO. You don't wish you saw the weeping angel! She was so scary!!!!! She almost wrapped her hands around my neck! I can only laugh in relief that she wasn't real...