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so cute

so cute
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So I attempted snowboarding. The first hour of my "attempt" consisted wholly of me trying to figure out how to jump back up from the ground without having to remove my feet from the snowboard. Now, when I tell people that I have no arm strength to speak of what-so-ever, I say it with all seriousness and yet, people just don't seem to believe me. At least, not until they've been watching me try to stand up on a snowboard after falling for a half an hour. Despite the snowboard trying to conquer me, I perfected the cheater's way of getting up with pride.

To get the whole gist of "the cheater's way", I'll need to describe it in detail for you to understand why I included the word PRIDE in that last sentence. First you lie completely on your back as if you've finally given out from exhaustion. Then, to the shock of unsuspecting bystanders, you suddenly and very violently swing your legs up and around so that your toes are pointing towards the ground. During this step, in order to not snap your spinal cord, you must simultaneously twist yourself around so that the rest of you is pointing to the ground. Now, in this final step, when you are completely on your stomach and helpless, you use your arms, get up on your knees, lean back onto the board until its flat on the ground, and stand up.

If your imagination is in working order, or you yourself have witnessed this before, then you realize now that this way is not the most graceful or awesome way of getting up. And when you've been snowboarding for awhile, then you may have acquired the strength I lack and thus have no need for the cheater's way. For those of us little people who still use this way when you no longer do, please treat us well. It's not fun to be laughed at by a ten year old when you're almost a decade older than him.

Anyway, other than that, snowboarding is fun. And if anything, it's fun to laugh at yourself and how ridiculous you feel. It's definately a humbling experiance to learn a new skill. And who doesn't need that once in a while?

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  1. Snowboarding seems interesting! Hahaha! I have never tried it...........maybe next time? :) Oh! I have nominated you the Liebster Award!! :DD Just go to my blog for rules and I hope you have fun with it!!