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so cute

so cute
This is another drawing I've done with the new pen. I worked all day on it! Phew! I hope it gets a good response.

Friday, November 9, 2012

My First Post!!!

Greetings! If you have stumbled upon this blog I hope you take more than a look. I'm hoping to feature my artwork as well as the work of some of my friends on this blog... I've already recruited one victim. My goal is to get artwork out there and freelance my art. So if you happen to like what you see I will start taking requests (if they are reasonable, of course... NO FREAKY REQUESTS!). I'll be up and running "professionally speaking" very soon! I have my eye on an art program for my computer that's looking very promising. And soon I won't be attempting to create quality art using the little finger pad on my laptop! Amazon has a really nice penmouse that I"m determined shall be mine. Anyway- those are just some of my minor goals right now.

This is a video of my evil and spoiled baby. I hope you like the blog and comment so I know you were here! 


  1. I don't count this as a comment you dork. (Don't worry all you potential commenters- I know this guy.)

    1. Ugh fiiiine. ATTENTION EVERYONE! The girl that is in charge of this blog is very veeery good at drawing. I would definetly give her PLENTY of requests. From girren laggons Kamana, to Naruto Uzumaki.